Smokey’s Partners with Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin to Support Conservation and Education

The Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin (MCW) is a non-profit organization of anglers that promotes the conservation of a valuable Wisconsin natural resource, the Wisconsin state fish, the Muskellunge – Esox Masquinongy for the present and future fishing enjoyment of MCW members and the general public. MCW events encourage camaraderie, emphasize education and the encouragement of catch and release, serve as fundraisers for stocking while recognizing, celebrating, and upholding the heritage of the club. Smokey's and MCW have formed a strong alliance to support and advance Musky fishing conservation and education. Smokey's and MCW often partner on education, fundraising and stocking efforts on Pewaukee Lake. Smokey's hosts MCW meetings and other events on Pewaukee Lake during fishing season.