Smokey’s Hosted the 2022 PMTT World Championships of Musky Fishing in September 2022.

Smokey’s Partners with Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin to Support Conservation and Education

The Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin (MCW) is a non-profit organization of anglers that promotes the conservation of a valuable Wisconsin natural resource, the Wisconsin state fish, the Muskellunge – Esox Masquinongy for the present and future fishing enjoyment of MCW members and the general public. MCW events encourage camaraderie, emphasize education and the encouragement…

Smokey’s Boat Sponsorship of Bitten For Reel: A Winning Partnership for the Musky World

In the world of musky fishing, the name Smokey’s is synonymous with quality, local expertise, and affordable access to a world-class fishery in Pewaukee, WI. As the premier on-water musky shop in Wisconsin, Smokey’s has been serving anglers for 40 years, providing top-of-the-line gear, expert advice, and an unparalleled customer experience. Now, Smokey’s is raising…

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